Power Distribution Control System

The Power Distribution Control System (PDCS) will provide a first level of supervision and control for the power distribution systems like MV and LV switchgears, transformers, UPSs, … in an electrical substation. This control system is usually based upon a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) system.

Power Distribution Control System (PDCS) Function

The Power Distribution Control System (PDCS) as a system in control level will communicate with devices in field level and management level to achevie following functionality:

  1. Data gathering from the field level devices via hardwire and serial protocols like Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP, profibus, profinet, … . Status, alarm and fault, measuring from circuit breakers, protection relays, transducers, multimeters, … are such data.
  2. Monitoring of Power Distribution System on Display unit in management level.
  3. Remote control of circuit breakers by command signals.
  4. Automatic Transfer Sequence for incoming and bus tie circuit breakers
  5. Load shedding
  6. Event recording and Alarming
  7. Data Logging

EKP Scope

As a Power Distribution Control System (PDCS) integrator,Energy kavir paya ( EKP ) will provide services as:

  1. Material Procurement
  2. Engineering and Detail Design
  3. Programming
  4. HMI Pages design
  5. Panel Body
  6. System Assembling and wiring
  7. Factory and Site acceptance tests
  8. Installation and commissioning
  9. Training

EKP References

Summary of projects in Power Distribution Control System (PDCS) field which has been done recently in Energy kavir paya ( EKP ):

  1. Tabriz Oil Refining Company
  2. Lorestan & Mahabad Petrochemical Company
  3. Kordestan Petrochemical Company
  4. Phase 12 South Pars Gas Field Development
  5. Phase 22-24 South Pars Gas Field Development




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Energy Kavir Paya

Using the state-of-the-art knowledge, technologies and software, "Energy Kavir Paya Co." (EKP) has succeeded to design, program, implemented and integrated many automation projects with the goal of optimization, reliability and the best possible facilitation. We believe that our quality capabilities with the help of the trained and experienced personnel will certainly make it possible to present the best engineering services and solutions to our customers.
In order to extend its services, EKP has started a joint partnership with "GFR" in the field of building management systems. Having a close connection with GFR headquarter in Germany, EKP is capable to present high efficient and fully detailed design of building automation with special amazing prices.

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Control & Automation

E.K.P has cooperation with SIEMENS Company for manufacturing of control panels with S7 families including PLC, DCS, SCADA and ESD systems.
We have good experience in design & engineering, consulting,commissioning and procurement of Power Distribution Control Systems (PDCS),Power Management Systems (PMS),Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition Systems (SCADA)

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