Building Management System

Using the state-of-the-art knowledge, technologies and software, "Energy Kavir Paya Co." (EKP) has succeeded to design, program, implemented and integrated many automation projects with the goal of optimization, reliability and the best possible facilitation. We believe that our quality capabilities with the help of the trained and experienced personnel will certainly make it possible to present the best engineering services and solutions to our customers.

In order to extend its services, EKP has started a joint partnership with "GFR" in the field of building management systems. Having a close connection with GFR headquarter in Germany, EKP is capable to present high efficient and fully detailed design of building automation with special amazing prices.

GFR Company was found in January 1987 as a leading supplier of building automation in Germany. The company has granted quality management standard and also meets standards DIN and EN.
Since 1995 GFR is a member of WIDEMANN group which consists of 6 leading companies in the area of building electrical and mechanical equipment suppliers in Germany.
With about 4 decades of activity, GFR has achieved a lot of projects in many credible projects in Europe that helped GFR to be honored as one of the most reputed pioneers in building automation industry.


Building Management System

BMS is a management system installed on a computer in the building which shall take over the monitoring and control of all electrical and mechanical facilities such as air conditioning, heating, cooling, lighting, power management, fire and safety equipment’s. 

Management, Intelligence, Safety and Comfort


The increasing demand for electricity requires power plants to utilize more and more fossil fuels to keep up with the demand. That makes us rely on resources that are not only finite but also incredibly toxic to the environment.
Energy efficiency is one of the key topics now widely discussed in business, politics and society.

A number of countries in Europe have already decided to shut down their nuclear power plants over the next few years. In many countries, the energy turnaround forms an integral part of their political agenda. However, the transition to renewable forms of energy alone will not protect the global climate. If productivity and the quality of life shall be maintained or even improved, our resources will have to be used more efficiently - a mandatory requirement. 

As depicted in the following diagram, buildings account for 41% of primary energy consumption.
Of which 85% is used for room heating and room cooling as well as 15% for electrical energy (in particular, for lighting).
Overall, buildings account for 35% of primary energy use to achieve comfortable temperatures and 6% for electrical energy. That amounts to a significant portion.


When installing an optimized building automation and control system, the energy efficiency of heating, ventilation and air conditioning plants in commercial buildings, for instance, can be increased by up to 30%, which means a 12% of reduction in overall energy consumption.
So that we can now understand the important role of buildings in energy consumption, and even a difference of 1°C in the temperature has a significant part in energy consumption.

That's why building owners now face growing pressure globally to reduce energy consumption and minimize impact that such consumption has on the environment.
Building Management System ( BMS ) is a central intelligent system installed in a building, which automatically controls and monitors all mechanical, electrical and security equipments. While managing various building systems, it ensures the operational performance of the facility as well as the comfort and safety of building occupants.

Following shows a brief list of more important systems controlled by Building Management System ( BMS ):


  • - Air handling units (AHU)
  • - Fan coils
  • - Boilers
  • - Chillers
  • - Pumping units


  • - Access system
  • - Closed circuit television (CCTV)
  • - Fire alarms

-Electrical Installations

  • - Lighting
  • - Lifts & escalators
  • - Power monitoring (PMS)

Building Management System ( BMS ) core functionality keeps the building climate within a specified range, provides lighting based on an occupancy schedule, and monitors system performance and device failures and provides email and/or text notifications to building engineering staff.
The goal of a Building Management System ( BMS ) system is to optimize energy consumption and also to have a better utilization of the equipments which increases their life time.

A building controlled by a Building Management System ( BMS ) is often referred to as an intelligent building system.

BMS Advantages 

  • Comfort and ease of operation
  • Monitoring, management and optimization
  • Cost reduction
  • Scheduling
  • Intellectual use of the environment conditions
  • Increase in the life time of equipment's
  • Easy and cost effective maintenance
  • Safety and security
  • Added value

GFR Specification and Capabilities:

  • Modular and extendable architecture
  • Controllers customable according to exact signal quantity (no need to buy a higher specification controller)



  • GFR system is totally web-based, enabling clients to connect to the system all over the world just through an explorer without the need for any software.
  • GFR is the innovator and the first company to use web facility for the control system.


  • Based on protocol BACnet/IP as the most modern protocol in building industry. The protocol is designed and developed by ASHRAE, the most reliable and credible reference in the industry.
  • Communicating over BACnet/IP enables the system to connect to other third party devices on IP such as CCTV and Access systems, simply and without the need for any gateway.
  • Presenting a TIA solution, GFR designs and manufactures all the required devices other than controller systems, including all kinds of sensors and detectors, valves, valve actuator and damper actuator.
  • All the required software are designed and developed by GFR, optimized with the hardware.


  • All the equipment are originally produced in Germany. No other company is related to its production, not even under GFR license.
  • Introducing a very powerful trending facility. Capability for saving all the events and alarm on the controller or on the PC server and database.
  • Capable of drawing exact and detailed diagrams as a visual report.
  • Forwarding defined events and alarm to specified persons through SMS, email and fax.


  • Very powerful wireless devices, giving the chance for the integration in accomplished buildings, with no need for change in the wiring.


  • No limitation for communication with other protocol. Required interfaces are all designed and produced.


  •  Special solutions and devices for Room Management capabilities, in application like Hotels, Management room, Conference rooms and 


  • Presenting graphical and touch panels (HMI) in different sizes for various protocols.
  • Special modules for local and manual control.
  • Energy measuring solutions for cost separation in multi-unit buildings. Calculation exact share for each unit according to its consumption.
  • Connection to smart cell-phones, in order to take over the monitoring and control functions through the cell-phone.


  • Connection and integration of all the possible usable building facilities.

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PDCS integration

Energy kavir paya ( EKP ) will provide services as:

  • Material Procurement
  • Engineering and Detail Design
  • Programming
  • HMI Pages design
  • Panel Body
  • System Assembling and wiring
  • Factory and Site acceptance tests
  • Installation and commissioning
  • Training

Summary of projects in PDCS:

  • Tabriz Oil Refining Company
  • Lorestan & Mahabad Petrochemical Company
  • Kordestan Petrochemical Company
  • Phase 12 South Pars Gas Field Development
  • Phase 22-24 South Pars Gas Field Development

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Control & Automation

E.K.P has cooperation with SIEMENS Company for manufacturing of control panels with S7 families including PLC, DCS, SCADA and ESD systems.
We have good experience in design & engineering, consulting,commissioning and procurement of Power Distribution Control Systems (PDCS),Power Management Systems (PMS),Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition Systems (SCADA)

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