Energy kavir paya

Energy Kavir Paya (E.K.P) is one of Kavir group companies. Until 2008, Kavir group which is active in all fields of electrical projects, executed control & automation projects, under supervision of Electro Kavir Co.
In 2008 according to the policy of the group for increasing the efficiency and developing the activities , E.K.P was established.

Our major aim in Energy Kavir Paya (E.K.P) Company is providing good situations for execution of Control & Automation projects with the most competitive prices while keeping the most suitable conditions using the most updated standards and experiences.
Energy Kavir Paya (E.K.P) field of activities covers EPC projects as a complete package or separate parts of Engineering, Procurement & Construction of power and control projects including but not limited to the following items:
  • Control, protection, SCADA & automation system for HV & MV substations
  • Control & monitoring system in different industrial plants
  • Power management systems (PMS)
  • Building management systems (BMS)
  • Control parts of railway projects


 Control & Automation Activities at a Glance

In this department, E.K.P has cooperation with SIEMENS Company for manufacturing of control panels with S7 families including PLC, DCS, SCADA and ESD systems. 
We have good experience in design & engineering, consulting,commissioning and procurement of Power Distribution Control Systems (PDCS),Power Management Systems (PMS),Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition Systems (SCADA)
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Management, Intelligence, Safety and Comfort

The increasing demand for electricity requires power plants to utilize more and more fossil fuels to keep up with the demand. That makes us rely on resources that are not only finite but also incredibly toxic to the environment.
Energy efficiency is one of the key topics now widely discussed in business, politics and society.

A number of countries in Europe have already decided to shut down their nuclear power plants over the next few years. In many countries, the energy turnaround forms an integral part of their political agenda. However, the transition to renewable forms of energy alone will not protect the global climate. If productivity and the quality of life shall be maintained or even improved, our resources will have to be used more efficiently.

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